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Making-up of balance sheets, tax declarations and compilation of reports to off- budget funds.

  • Forming up documents of accounting reporting on the basis of accounting registers data of the customer or his initial accounting documentation.
  • Complex maintaining of books on regularly basis with subscription to legal service.
  • Delivery of the filled documents to the Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Charges and off-budget funds within one day.
  • The attraction of a certified auditor is possible.
  • Recovery of accounting.
  • Forming up accounting registers (cash book, ledger, sales and purchases books and others) on the basis of the customer’s initial accounting documents.
  • Accounting recovery should allow the customer to form a right opinion of his bookkeeping as well as of the condition of settlements with counterparts and the budget.
  • Accounting recovery shall be carried out with the attraction of experienced accountants. The attraction of a certified auditor is possible as well.
  • The complete or selective inspection of registers keeping and accounting condition as well as of completeness of calculation and the date of payment of taxes and charges is necessary for all enterprises especially before field examination of documents or check on site of your enterprise by members of the Inspectorate of the Taxes and Charges Ministry of the Russian Federation.

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