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Representing your interests

Representing your interests during negotiations and conclusion of contracts as well as representing your interests before any government bodies, proceedings in court.

  • Representing the customer’s interests in various government bodies (federal bodies, authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation) and local authorities.
  • Drawing-up of applications, complaints, petitions.
  • Lodging appeals in administrative (in superior bodies) and court order concerning illegitimate actions on the part of bodies of power and managerial bodies (Tax Inspectorate, State Sanitary Inspection, Fire Supervision, State Trade Inspectorate and others).
  • Obtaining all necessary agreements and permissions (Ministry of antimonopoly policy, Fire Supervision, State Sanitary Inspection and others).
  • Advising the customer on the matters of organization and activities of government bodies and local authorities.
  • Representing the client’s interests in court concerning the matters of licence cancellation.
  • Representing the customer’s interests during the registration of securities issue with Moscow regional department of the Federal Securities Commission of Russia as well as during establishment of joint-stock companies.
  • Subscription to legal service is possible.

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