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Intellectual property advocacy

Protection of objects of Intellectual property

Not many think of the necessity of designing their corporate identity (style). The names of featureless firms are sometimes even hard to pronounce. So you can imagine the reaction of your potential customer to such name of your company. On the other hand, nowadays it is rather risky to invest money in developing the name of a legal person which can be easily lost. At times, however, the name of the company plays the most important role in attracting clients. This explains the existence of a number of bars and restaurants with the same names.

Get your own trade mark registered. And then all the above mentioned problems wont arise for you. The registered trade mark will give its owner a great number of rights including the following:

  • The right to ban any other person to use the same trade mark and the right to pay compensation for unauthorized use of your mark.
  • The right to use your trade mark instead of the name of the legal person when serving the clients.
  • The right to place your trade mark on the seal of the legal person.
  • The possibility of constant change of legal persons without changing the name (trademark) known to your partners.
  • The possibility of simultaneous work under the same trade mark on behalf of several legal persons.

We will help you to register your trade mark

Geraldin company legal experts shall deal with all the problems connected with registration of a trade mark, service mark, name of the goods’ place of origin.

Our clients can get the maximum of additional service for a minimal period of time as well as to hand us over the whole trademark registration work for a minimal pay.

We can help you in almost any tough situation.

Protection of objects of intellectual property

In our everyday life we often come across different sorts of creative work including our own as well as that of other people. Sometimes we don’t even think of our inventions and ideas as the subject of patenting and further profitable use (also by someone else). In order not to give your ideas to the society (which in principle may not even appraise them) but to realize them profitably for yourself and for the society in general you should do the following:
  1. To execute them competently,
  2. To obtain legal protection.
As a result of the above mentioned actions you become a monopolist.

To be a monopolist means:

  • the right to use your invention yourself;
  • the right to ban the third person to use your invention;
  • the right to allow any person to use your invention in a certain way;
  • the right to appeal to court in the event of a careless utilization of the invention by the third persons and the right to demand paying damages.
Subjects which can be patented:

  • inventions which may include: a device, method (technology), substance, culture of microorganism, plants and animals cells cultures as well as the application of a previously known device, method, substance and culture with the new purpose;
  • useful models including constructive execution of production goods (means) and consumer items as well as their constituent parts;
  • commercial sample-artistic and design solution of article (product) determining its nature.

We consider it our task to assist you in becoming monopolists.

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