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Registration, re-registration, winding-up

Registration, re-registration, liquidation of enterprises of any organizational and legal forms and forms of ownership

  • Advising the customer on the matters of law connected with creation (establishment), reorganization and liquidation of enterprises of various organizational and legal forms (partnerships, limited liability companies, open-end and closed-end companies and others), non-profit organizations.
  • Recommendations on the use of a certain organizational and legal form with reference to concrete conditions and wishes of the customer.
  • Complex creation of legal persons according to the customer’s wishes. Realization of already registered organizational and legal forms (limited liability company, closed-end company).
  • Preparation of a complete pack of incorporation documents, resolving the problems with legal address, opening of accumulation accounts, drawing-up of documents for manufacture of seal and its manufacture, payment of registration fees.
  • Independent appraisal of non-monetary contributions to the authorized capital.
  • Registration of commercial and nonprofit organizations with the Moscow Registration Chamber as well as through the Central branch of the Moscow Registration Chamber.
  • Assignment of Goscomstat (State Statistics Committee) code numbers to a newly established or re-registered organization.
  • Registration of a legal person with tax inspectorate and state off-budget funds.
  • Preparation of documents stipulated by the current securities laws including stock issue decisions, reports on the stock issue results, securities issue prospectes.
  • Opening of settlement accounts with the bank.
  • Evxecution and notarial certification of signatures on bank cards with the possible arrival of the notary public to the customer’s office.
  • Execution of reorganization and liquidation procedures.
  • Opening and closing of any bank accounts including execution of the necessary documents.
  • Execution of all documents necessary for opening and closing of any bank accounts (settlement, accumulation, currency).
  • Registration and prolongation of your company’s registration as a small enterprise with the Register of subjects of small enterprise.
  • Transfer of your organization to a simplified system of taxation and obtaining a patent in your territorial tax inspectorate.
  • State registration and tax registration of segregated units and branches according to the place of factual location, opening of bank accounts of branches and segregated units.
We invite owners of buildings and idle premises for mutual cooperation in order to provide legal addresses to our clients. We can offer you a barter such as: our legal, accounting and advisory services in exchange to your legal addresses.

Everything mentioned can be carried out in shorter terms than agreed.

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