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Handle criminal cases

Lawyers of the Firm «Geraldin» can act as defenders and independent counselors in criminal proceedings.

Lawyers of the Firm «Geraldin» proceed with defense of your interests as soon as you apply.

  • Render legal assistance from the moment of detention
  • Render legal assistance from the moment of a criminal case institution
  • Render legal assistance at pre-trial investigation/inquest
  • Presence at pretrial investigation

    • Modification of a criminal charge
    • Termination of criminal prosecution due to application of measures of administrative pressure
    • Confession of the victim
    • Confession of the accused
    • Prepare and file complaints as private prosecution
    • Prepare and file a criminal motion
    • Prepare and file a civil action of the victim at a pretrial investigation stage
    • Terminate criminal prosecution due to change of circumstances
    • Prepare and file motions for change of a measure of restraint
    • Prepare and file motions for review of criminal cases in connection with newly-discovered evidences of victims and accused
    • Prepare and file motions for additional pre-trial investigation
    • Appeal against actions of an inquest body, an investigator and a prosecutor
    • Meetings with and counsel for defendants detained in custody
  • Render competent assistance during all investigative actions:

    • Presence at bringing charges
    • Presence at identification lineups
    • Presence at identification, search, execution of seizure, examination, order of expert examination, interrogations, conduct of examination, counsel and so on (suspected person, accused, victim)
    • Meetings with detainees
    • Prepare and file motions and complains for treatment at an investigatory isolation ward
  • Defense of the accused at court of first instance and jury trial
  • Defense of the accused at court of appeal
  • Prepare supervisory complaints

    • Prepare appeals and supervisory complaints, motions and applications, interrogations of witnesses, accused and victims
    • Motions for additional expert examinations
    • Summons of experts to court and their interrogation
    • Prepare and file civil action in criminal proceedings
    • Appeal and protest enforced sentences
    • Prepare and file appeals and supervisory complaints
    • Appeal and protest unenforced sentences, rulings and resolutions

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